Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I Miss About MO, Part 1: Thunderstorms

Oh how I miss thunderstorms!  I miss watching the storm rolling in from miles away.  I miss the sight of the lightening bolts crashing down.  I miss the big boom of the thunder..  Especially when the thunder is close enough to shake the house.  I miss the power.  The massive, raw power of the storm. 

And the smell.  I miss the smell of the rain.  It's the most wonderful smell.

We finally had a thunderstorm here this week.  It only lasted maybe an hour but it was wonderful!  We have a little lightening, a few thunderclaps.  It wasn't the powerful storms we are use to in the Midwest but it was refreshing and reminded me of home.

And then we were rewarded with the sun coming back out right before sunset.  The colors were gorgeous bouncing off the mountains.  And then!...  A rainbow appeared!

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