Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's been unseasonably cold here or so I am told.  I do know that it was barely in the forties on Friday and Saturday.  And that makes me want to dig out my winter coat, gloves and hat!  Okay, so I hardly ever wear a winter coat.  But I would have if I knew where one was!

Friday night was our date night.  Went to the "big city" of Medford, about 15 minutes away.  Had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Barbarian/Hubby loved his seafood enchilada.  My California Wrap Enchilada was not so good.  But the salsa was great and the rice was yummy!

Saturday we headed to downtown Ashland to our favorite coffee shop.  Had a lazy afternoon and then went to see the movie, Babies.  I really enjoyed it.  Barbarian seemed to like it, too.  I would recommend it if you like babies.  But let this serve as a public service announcement!...  It will make you want to have a baby of your own!  Or at the very least, you will be telling everyone you run into stories about your own babies.  No matter how old they are now!

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