Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chickens? Yes, Chickens!

So the girls wanted a new pet.  We thought chickens might be fun.  Barbarian's mom has nine chickens so at least we would have someone to ask questions, if we need to. 

To buy chickens here, you head to Grange Co-Op.  It's a farm, home, garden and pet store.  We tried to purchase our baby chicks the weekend before last but we were informed that they had stopped selling them the weekend before.  Gloom!  Despair!!  And agony on me!!!  But we pressed forward and called every single Grange Co-op in the valley.  Finally, the co-op several towns over said they might get some in the following weekend. 

I called them that Saturday.  They only had three left and the store is a good 20 minutes away!  They offered to hold two of them for us.  So off B and I went to the co-op!  Of course, once we got there we realized that we couldn't leave one baby chick behind.  So all three of them came home with us!

Since B went with me to get them, she got to pick her chick first.  She named her Hayley Leah, after her cousin and grandma.  I'm sure they both feel very honored!  I mean, who wouldn't want a chicken named after them?!

J got to pick her chick next.  She named her Loretta.  I have no idea why.  I had no idea J had even heard the name Loretta before.  And I know she has never seen Coal Miner's Daughter!

And this is my chick!  Her name is Gwen.  "She ain't no Hollaback Girl!  It's my chick.  It's my chick!"  Sing it with me now!...  Okay, maybe not.

Our chicks are Ameraucana (Araucana).  They lay blue-green eggs!  We can't wait to see those!

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