Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tomorrow. My Last Friday!

This entire last week, I have been annoying my coworkers.  Everyday I have been announcing to them that it was My Last Monday, My Last Tuesday, My Last Wednesday.  You get the idea.  They were happy for me the first couple of days.  I think now they are starting to get bitter...  Just kidding!  I work with so many great people!
Tomorrow is My Last Friday at work.  And my final day in Kansas City.  My final 40+ minute commute.  Is it weird that I may actually miss the drive?  I kind of enjoy the quiet time I get during those drives.  It gives me a chance to relax and just be.  My new commute will only be about 10 minutes.  That's not much ME time...  But it will be great to sleep in a bit later every morning.  And I do enjoy sleeping in!
I will miss many of my coworkers.  I am leaving an office of 60+ people.  Going to an office 1/12th that size.  A tiny office where I will be the new gal...  What if they don't like me?...  And what if they have all been working together for years?...  And they are all BFF's?...  And don't want new people around?...  And I'm just the odd gal from the Midwest?...  And what if my clothes are all wrong?..  And what if?...Oh dear Lord, it's like being the new girl in third grade at Bryant Elementary School all over again!!!
I really need to get a grip.

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